Most of the free software on this page is necessary if you have a  Windows computer.  The rest is highly recommended - for example, a great free Office program instead of the increasingly expensive Microsoft Office (Word-Excel-PowerPoint). 

You will also find great free antivirus programs here.  Why pay?!


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free antivirus software


ANTIVIRUS SOFTWARE IMPORTANT - First, uninstall all other antivirus programs, including free trials, and reboot.  Then, choose just ONE antivirus program below.


AVAST The best free antivirus choice for 2018. Be careful!  Choose "Free Antivirus Essential", do custom install, and uncheck ALL option boxes that add bloatware and change computer defaults!

MALWAREBYTES ANTI-MALWARE Install this program in addition to your antivirus software. 

Enter your name and email address; on the next screen, click the link to download and install.  Run weekly or as needed.  This will often remove malware that all other antivirus programs miss.



essential free software  -  Windows


ADOBE READER DC upgrade if you have an earlier version

GLARY UTILITIES - GLARYSOFT the world's BEST free utility program to keep your computer running fast and efficiently; after install, choose the 1-Click Maintenance tab, check the Registry Cleaner and Shortcuts Fixer boxes, scan and repair.  Do it a second time to find more hiding errors!

JAVA - ORACLE Java is not the same as javascript, which is built into your browsers; Java is used by thousands of websites to run built-in apps

REVO UNINSTALLER freeware the absolute best free uninstaller - much, much better than Windows' own!  Be careful to download the FREEWARE version.

SILVERLIGHT - MICROSOFT required by some websites; quick to install and will not slow down your computer

VLC MEDIA PLAYER - VIDEOLAN DO NOT INSTALL "REALPLAYER" ON YOUR COMPUTER - it causes problems!  VLC Player plays almost every kind of audio and video on the Internet, including all RealPlayer format files.



free writing  -  office software


LIBRE OFFICE for Windows


Libre Office is a wonderful FREE alternative to Microsoft Office.

"Writer" - like Microsoft Word
"Calc" - like Excel
"Impress" - like PowerPoint

  You can quickly and easily set Libre Office to save your files in Microsoft format every time.  You can open all Microsoft docs in Libre Office, and open all Libre Office docs in Microsoft Office - 100% compatible.

Ask Tom for the instructions to set up how Libre Office saves files.

analyze  &  speed up your computer


BELARC ADVISOR tells you almost everything you ever wanted to know about your computer's hardware, software, operating system, and security

CRUCIAL SYSTEM SCANNER download and install this scanner to find out exactly which RAM memory your computer has, how much you can add, and how much 100% compatible memory costs

HWINFO32 - HWINFO64 first, find out if your Windows computer is a 32-bit or 64-bit system, then download the correct version; this program tells you lots of advanced details about your system and its functioning

TESTMYSPEED is your computer slow, or is it your Internet connection?  Is your Internet company ripping you off?  Test your true Internet speed for free.



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