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search engines


GOOGLE the best and most popular search engine

     GOOGLE ADVANCED SEARCH search by exact word or phrase, date range, specific website, reading level, language, and more
     GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH search for pictures - click "search tools" on your results page to choose size, file type, etc.
     GOOGLE MAPS search for any place - country, state, city, specific address

BING Microsoft's competitor to Google search

YAHOO! SEARCH search in the box at the top of the Yahoo! home page

DUCK DUCK GO good search engine that does not track user's Internet activity

ASK.COM general search and answers to commonly-asked questions

WOLFRAM ALPHA computational knowledge engine - do math, find facts, get information on countless topics



academic search


GOOGLE SCHOLAR search academic journals and books for quality research sources

GOOGLE BOOKS - SEARCH search for books related to your research topic, read online or borrow at a local library

     GOOGLE BOOKS - ADVANCED SEARCH advanced search options for Google Books

MICROSOFT ACADEMIC SEARCH search academic journals and books for quality research sources



libraries and databases


Auraria Campus Library Homepage  
     Skyline online catalog  
     WorldCat database  

ACC Library Homepage  
     ACC online catalog  
     ACC databases  
     CQ Researcher  




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