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G6:  Reducing Adjective Clauses

by Tom Rohrbach

Multiple Choice Quiz


This practice will help you learn how to reduce an adjective clause to an adjective phrase.
There are 7 kinds of reduced adjective clauses, as shown in the chart below.
If you choose a wrong answer, you'll see an explanation to help you learn from your mistake.




  1. be + __ing

   The man [who is sitting next to you] is my cousin.


        REDUCED:  The man sitting next to you is...

  2. appositive

   Pambos Polycarpou, [who is the president of Spring International], has an office in Littleton.


        REDUCED:  Pambos Polycarpou, the president of Spring International, has...

  3. simple tense verb

   The criminal [who robbed the bank last night] got $1 million dollars.


        REDUCED:  The criminal robbing the bank last night got...

  4. passive verb

   Hamlet, [which was written by William Shakespeare], is the most famous English play.


        REDUCED:  Hamlet, written by William Shakespeare, is...

  5. perfect tenses, active

   The author, [who has already written 10 books], is already working on number 11.


        REDUCED:  The author, having already written 10 books, is...

  6. adjective phrase

   Mary, [who is happy with her decision to attend UCD], is doing very well there.


        REDUCED:  Mary, happy with her decision to attend UCD, is...

  7. prepositional phrase

   The runner [who is in the lead at the Denver Marathon] won an Olympic gold medal last year.


        REDUCED:  The runner in the lead at the Denver Marathon won...


NOTE: The dashes --- in the questions below are just to show you the original adjective clause that you need to reduce.
The number in brackets [5] tells you which type of reducing it is (see above).




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