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Here you'll find the best general esl (English as a second language) sites, plus business English, conversation / chat sites, pronunciation, and study skills.


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best general esl sites




QUIZZES & ACTIVITIES - TESL JOURNAL quizzes, activities, podcasts and more for ESL students  

DAVE'S ESL CAFE great site with quizzes, student help center, daily lessons, chat forums, and more  

ENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE hundreds of links for esl study, games, quizzes, podcasts, fun  

ENGLISH CLUB everything for studying English - lessons, forums, videos, jokes, chat, magazines, test prep, more

ESL PARTYLAND learning pages, plus quizzes - grammar, vocabulary, business English, phrasal verbs, etc.  

ESL STUDY HALL reading, writing, listening, grammar, vocabulary, and US culture sections  

INTERESTING THINGS FOR ESL STUDENTS lots of word games, puzzles, quizzes, and activities for students learning English  

ABOUT.COM ESL GUIDE choose a subject in "Browse Topics" on the left; watch out for ads all over the page!  

ENGLISH PAGE lessons, tutorials, links to other free online English resources  

LEARN AMERICAN ENGLISH seven color-coded levels of English lessons, plus other sections on video, vocabulary, chat and more

LEARNING ENGLISH ONLINE English lessons online - grammar and vocabulary, plus games, writing advice, and lots more

USING ENGLISH.COM many many beginner and intermediate practice quiz-lessons on a variety of topics  



business English

100 BEST BUSINESS WRITING RESOURCES ONLINE links to how-to articles, advice columns and blogs, video lessons, grammar and writing suggestions, and more

BBC BUSINESS ENGLISH audio listening activities about business and business English, with scripts to download and follow  

BUSINESS ENGLISH - ENGLISH CLUB how to write business letters, public speaking advice; business vocabulary, and more  

BUSINESSENGLISH.COM LESSONS activities and lessons on business - meetings, presentations, vocabulary, negotiations, etc.  

BUSINESSENGLISHSITE.COM 7 categories of lessons - English for accounting, sales and marketing, I.T., finance, etc.

BUSINESSWEEK MAGAZINE great reading practice on current business topics; also good practice for IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, etc.  

BUSINESSWEEK PODCASTS over 700 podcasts - great listening practice on all kinds of business topics  

BUSINESS PAGE - ENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE links to business news, business English lessons, vocabulary, business English dictionaries, etc.

YOURBUSINESSENGLISH.COM news, vocabulary, grammar, word of the day, videos, etc. - British English site  

USEFUL BUSINESS EXPRESSIONS - ESLGOLD almost 40 lessons on useful business expressions for a variety of situations  

BUSINESS ENGLISH DICTIONARY - CAMBRIDGE free online business English dictionary  

BUSINESS ENGLISH VOCABULARY - ENGLISH CLUB lists of business vocabulary words and definitions - many categories: advertising, banking, law, marketing, etc.

BUSINESS VOCABULARY EXERCISES - BETTER-ENGLISH.COM over 70 vocabulary exercises - abbreviations, business expressions, idioms, and more




conversation  /  chat

CONVERSATION TOPICS - TESL over 140 topics with great questions for conversation, writing, research - from TESL  

DAVE'S ESL CAFE DISCUSSION FORUMS register free, then join interesting worldwide English student discussions on topics like culture, food, music, movies, holidays, sports, and more

DEBATABASE - IDEBATE.ORG excellent site: debate topics with summary of topic, pro and con support, and quality online sources

EVERYDAY ENGLISH IN CONVERSATION - FOCUSENGLISH listen to and read sample conversations on topics like fashion, money, shopping; 18 topics in menu on left side

PROCON.ORG similar to "Debatabase" - pro and con arguments on 47 controversial issues, with background facts on each




AMERICAN ENGLISH PRONUNCIATION PRACTICE - MANYTHINGS.ORG lots of practice with minimal pairs. vowel and consonant sounds, plus 'listen and repeat' videos and more

AUTHENTIC AMERICAN PRONUNCIATION over 35 free pronunciation lessons - beginner to intermediate

ENGLISH PRONUNCIATION & LISTENING - OKANAGAN COLLEGE 13 units on pronunciation and phonetics - troublesome English sounds  

PHONETICS - UNIVERSITY OF IOWA basic lessons on phonetic sounds, with audio and drawings  

PRONUNCIATION - ABOUT.COM links to online practice and lessons; be careful - avoid the ads between the links  

PRONUNCIATION - TALKENGLISH.COM 20 lessons on pronouncing English vowels and consonants, with listening and example words and sentences

PRONUNCIATION LESSONS - CENTER FOR LANGUAGE EDUCATION almost 40 lessons, practice exercises, and audio examples  



study skills

ACADEMIC SKILLS CENTER - DARTMOUTH COLLEGE how to manage your time, take lecture notes, reduce stress, prepare for tests, etc.  

ACADEMIC SKILLS CENTER - STUDY SKILLS VIDEOS video lessons from Dartmouth College teach you study skills, how to manage your time, how to prepare for tests, reading improvement, stress management and more - uses free Quicktime software from Apple

NOTE-TAKING - ST. JOHN'S UNIVERSITY good basic guide to university note-taking, including signal words used by American professors

ONLINE WRITING LAB (OWL) - PURDUE UNIVERSITY probably the best and most famous online university writing lab in the U.S. - writing skills and research skills

STUDY SKILLS - VIRGINIA TECH choose from the menu on the left - advice on study skills, note-taking, concentration and memory, vocabulary, and more

STUDY SKILLS TIPS - EMORY UNIVERSITY tips for freshmen, math / science study advice, study skills, note-taking, time management, test-taking, etc.




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